Creating Triton installation media

Modified: 09 Mar 2023 22:10 UTC

The Triton head node (HN) boots from a USB key. This page shows you how to create a USB key from an image file that has been downloaded from MNX.

The USB key also contains a modified version of iPXE, an open source network boot firmware. It is highly recommended that you burn individual USB keys for your head node and all compute nodes in order to use the Triton iPXE software. Although Triton can boot from the onboard PXE found on most hardware, for best results it is recommended that you have a USB key installed.

NOTE: Triton requires a physical USB key for installation and will not work over a Virtual Media Manager or other Console-Based media extender solutions. The USB key must also be writable.

You can perform this task on any operating system including from the head node of an existing installation that you want to delete and re-install.

Getting the release image

The Triton release image is available to customers with an existing Triton or SDC software license. To receive a download link, please raise a support ticket with MNX support

NOTE: If you download the Triton release using your browser, you will want to make sure that your browser does not automatically expand .tgz files.

Creating the USB key

Once you have obtained the Triton release, follow the procedure for the operating system you will be using to create the USB key. You must use a physical USB key for installation and not use a Virtual Media Manager or other console-based media extender solutions.

Important considerations

OS specific instructions

The instructions for creating a USB key vary according to the operating system you are working on. Please follow the appropriate link below.