Triton hardware selection

Modified: 03 Jan 2024 23:26 UTC

This document describes the minimum hardware requirements for running Triton and provides guidance on choosing hardware.


A Triton installation requires a minimum of two (2) servers. One server will be installed as the head node (for management and orchestration services) and one as a compute node (for customer containers). Note that this configuration is not capable of supporting a high availability configuration of the Triton persistent data store (manatee), and as such is not recommended for production usage. The smallest recommended production configuration is three (3) servers - one head node, and two compute nodes.

All hardware configurations need to be reviewed by MNX before customers attempt to install Triton. There are specific configuration requirements that must be met and there are also some hardware components that cannot be supported. Any questions regarding the information contained in this document should be addressed to the MNX support Team.

Best practices

We have developed a number of best practices for Triton deployments.

Detailed requirements

The following sections describe the minimum server requirements to run Triton for head nodes and compute nodes.

Minimum server requirements

Disk storage