Obtaining Triton DataCenter

Modified: 08 Sep 2022 04:28 UTC

This document explains how licensed customers can obtain the supported version of Triton DataCenter and provides links for open source downloads.

Official delivery channels

Joyent customers must only use the supported version of Triton on their licensed hardware. The supported version can only be obtained from Joyent Support. New and existing customers can create a support ticket at help.joyent.com to request the latest version for any new installations.

Joyent Support will also supply all necessary instructions for applying any post-installation updates and future updates as they become available.

Although the software supplied to Joyent Triton customers is built from the same sources as the software made available in the open source repositories, there are some key differences, which make it essential that Joyent Triton customers only obtain their software through Joyent Support.

Open source delivery channels

Open source builds are available from the public Joyent Development manta build directory; these can be downloaded either via the Manta CLI Tools or directly via curl.

From this point, all setup, installation, and configuration steps for the open source software mirror those of the supported software with the exception of the DevOps/End-User Portal which is only available to licensed customers.

Additional information for open source users:

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