Changing global NTP and DNS settings post configuration

Modified: 28 Apr 2022 01:26 UTC

The DNS and NTP settings that are configured at installation time for Triton are intended to remain static. However, if your circumstances dictate that either or both of these must be changed, it can be achieved as described below.


Changing NTP on the head node

Triton uses its own internal NTP server which runs on the head node. This cannot be changed. All components of Triton must synchronize against the head node; however, the external time source that Triton uses to synchronize against can be updated if required.

Validate new NTP server(s)

Change running configuration

The optional, but recommended, procedure is to modify the config file and reboot the head node to ensure that the change is reboot-safe. However, if you are unable to afford the downtime on the head node yet still need to change the NTP settings it is possible to do it using this procedure.

Note: You do not need to follow this procedure if you are intending on changing the configuration file and rebooting the head node. This procedure is only required if you are unable to reboot the head node yet need to change the NTP server. If you follow this procedure without going through the procedure Change config File above, your head node will revert to the NTP servers listed in the config file.

Change persistent configuration

Updating the persistent data to set NTP server(s) for Triton involves a modification to the config file that is located on the boot key; this process reviews the steps for updating the key.

Changing DNS on the head node

It is possible to change the DNS servers that Triton uses post-installation. Please be aware, however, that this will only affect the resolver files in the global zones. DNS servers associated with networks are managed in NAPI via the process described on the page titled Configuring networks.

Note: You should never manually change DNS settings for Triton core services, including the global zone. Doing so may render your installation non-functional.

Change the Triton config file

Using the sdc-usbkey command, mount the USB key on the head node.

  headnode# sdc-usbkey mount