NIC Tags

Modified: 08 Sep 2022 04:28 UTC

This document describes what NIC Tags are and how to use them in Triton.

Logical networks and NIC Tags

Triton Enterprise uses logical networks to group a wide array of network information such as network segment, physical network adapters, IP subnets, and VLAN ids. Logical networks are used both on head nodes and compute nodes, and are associated with physical interfaces by using a system called NIC Tags. Physical interfaces can be tagged with one or more NIC Tags, and these NIC Tags are associated with logical networks. This allows an operator to control the flow of logical network data over physical links. NIC Tags are represented as words within Triton, such as external and internal.

During the process of installation, logical networks and associated tags are created for three key networks.

Network Tag Purpose
Admin admin Used for management and communication beteween head node, compute nodes, and service zones. This tag should never be used for any networks other than the Admin network created at install time.
External external Created at install time but not assigned to compute nodes; this network is designed to provide connectivity to the Internet (or internal Intranet w/ NAT) for both service zones and end-user instances. This tag can be used on other networks offering the same connectivity.
Underlay sdc-underlay This network is internal to the Triton Network Fabrics (VXLan) implementation, and should not be used by any other networks.

Viewing NIC Tags

Creating a NIC Tag


Deleting a NIC Tag

Assigning, deleting, or listing NIC Tags on a compute node

NIC Tags can be viewed in two places in the Operations Portal.

NIC Tags can be edited in either the NIC Tag Editor for Aggregates or Physical Links or in the Link Aggregation Editor for Aggregates.