Docker containers

Modified: 26 Jan 2023 22:12 UTC

Every data center in Triton Compute Service ( is an easy to manage, elastic Docker host, while delivering enterprise grade networking and security to each Docker container.

There's no need to worry about Docker hosts. Just pull and deploy Docker images to the MNX data center of your choice. Use the Docker client and CLI or the Triton portal.

Using the Triton Elastic Docker Host

Connect to Triton Compute Service using the Triton Docker CLI, which installs known good, tested versions of the Docker and Docker Compose CLI tools for use with Triton. Additionally, this script will automatically configure those tools for use with Triton when you use them, making it easy to switch between Docker on your laptop and Docker on Triton.

Commands will look familiar to those experienced with docker and the Docker Remote API. If configured on your laptop, launching containers in the cloud is as simple as triton-docker run.

Full instructions are in the API access section. Once connected, you'll be able to use Docker on your laptop to launch Docker containers in the cloud.

Learn more about how to start containers on Docker.

Using the portal

While using Triton Docker CLI will give you much more flexibility in Docker container management, it is also possible to create containers directly on the Triton portal.

Learn how to build a Docker container in the portal.