Modified: 26 Jan 2023 22:12 UTC

Where to file issues

Please report any issues you encounter with ContainerPilot or its documentation by opening a Github issue. When creating a bug report, please include as many details as possible, including the output of containerpilot -version and any steps needed to reproduce the issue if possible. If you can reproduce the issue with debug logging on, please include any logs you can provide. If you're reporting a crash, include the stack trace. Check the open issues to see if anyone else is reporting a similar problem.

If you are a MNX support customer, we encourage you to report ContainerPilot issues on GitHub so their resolution can be shared with the community. But the Support team will be happy give you direct support via Zendesk as well.


ContainerPilot is open source under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Pull requests on GitHub are welcome on any issue. If you'd like to propose a new feature, it's often a good idea to discuss the design by opening an issue first. We'll mark these as proposals, and roadmap items will be maintained as enhancements.

Many of our contributors have never contributed to an open source golang project before. If you are looking for a good first contribution, check out the help wanted label; not that we don't want help anywhere else of course! But these are low-hanging fruit to get started.

Backwards compatibility

While it's easy to say "just use semver", in practice there are several interfaces to consider for what it means to be backwards compatible.

Interface with Consul

ContainerPilot includes bindings to the Consul API via the Hashicorp library. The Consul API has to date been backwards compatible but not necessarily forwards compatible. Bumping the required version of the Consul API will be considered a minor version bump to ContainerPilot unless upstream breaks backwards compatibility.

Interface with Prometheus-compatible servers

ContainerPilot acts as a Prometheus client via the Prometheus client library. Bumping the required version of the Prometheus API will be considered a minor version bump to ContainerPilot unless upstream breaks backwards compatibility.

Interface with other ContainerPilot instances

ContainerPilot does not coordinate between instances of ContainerPilot except through Consul service discovery. It is safe to mix versions of ContainerPilot in different containers.

ContainerPilot configuration and behavior

The ContainerPilot configuration syntax will follow a semver approach. Fixing a bug in an existing feature will be a patch version bump. Adding a new configuration feature will result in a minor version bump. Existing features will not have their behavior or configuration syntax changed.

The core behavior of behavior hooks fired by job exec or health check exec is to fork/exec the hook, forward stdout/stderr to ContainerPilot's own stdout/stderr, and interpret a non-zero exit code as an error which fires ExitFailed event, and a zero exit code as a success which fires an ExitSuccess event. This behavior is guaranteed to be stable for this major version (3.x).

The internal ContainerPilot APIs with its golang packages

Although the ContainerPilot code base is broken into multiple packages, the interfaces have not been designed for independent consumption. The stability of these APIs is not guaranteed.

The interface with the ContainerPilot development community

ContainerPilot 2.x has been tagged in GitHub and marked as deprecated. The master branch on GitHub will be for 3.x development. See the contribution guidelines for more information.

The interface with MNX support

There are several organizations using ContainerPilot 2.x in production. We will support ContainerPilot 2.x for 3 months after the 3.0.0 final release with bug fixes released as patch versions but without additional features being added.