Working with rules

Modified: 26 Jan 2023 22:12 UTC

Rules are written in the Aperture policy language which allows you write rules in a human readable form. The access control system of the Triton Compute Service uses a subset of the Aperture policy language, and that's what we describe here.

The general form of a rule is:

CAN <actions>  [IF | WHEN | WHERE] <conditions>

You can use any of IF, WHEN, or WHERE to make the condition easier to read.

The default permission for all resources is to deny access. The rules of a policy enable access.

This is what rules look like:

CAN getobject and getdirectory IF sourceip = OR sourceip =
CAN putobject IF overwrite = false
CAN getobject IF fromjob = true
CAN putobject IF day IN (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

The actions for Manta and CloudAPI are listed in the tables below.

Manta actions

For Manta, the action part of a rule operates on Manta objects.

Directory actions

Action Manta API Endpoint Notes
putdirectory PutDirectory create directories, update directory metadata
getdirectory ListDirectory list contents of directories
deletedirectory DeleteDirectory delete (empty) directories

Object actions

Action Manta API Endpoint Notes
putobject PutObject
create objects, overwrite objects, update object metadata
getobject GetObject read object, get archived job stats
deleteobject DeleteObject delete objects
Action Manta API Endpoint Notes
putlink PutSnapLink create snaplinks (You must also have getobject access on the source.)
Job actions
Action Manta API Endpoint Notes
createjob CreateJob create jobs
listjobs ListJobs list jobs
getjob GetJob
get live job status, errors, inputs, and outputs
managejob AddJobInputs
add input keys to jobs, end job input, cancel jobs

CloudAPI actions

For CloudAPI, the action part of a rule operates on CloudAPI endpoints.

Account actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
getaccount GetAccount sdc-getaccount
updateaccount UpdateAccount sdc-updateaccount

Key actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listkeys ListKeys sdc-listkeys
getkey GetKey sdc-getkey
createkey CreateKey sdc-createkey
deletekey DeleteKey sdc-deletekey

User actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listusers ListUsers sdc-user list
getuser GetUser sdc-user get
createuser CreateUser sdc-user create
updateuser UpdateUser sdc-user update
changeuserpassword ChangeUserPassword sdc-user change-password
deleteuser DeleteUser sdc-user delete

Role actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listroles ListRoles sdc-role list
getrole GetRole sdc-role get
createrole CreateRole sdc-role create
updaterole UpdateRole sdc-role update
deleterole DeleteRole sdc-role update

Role tag actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
setroletags SetRoleTags sdc-chmod

Policy actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listpolicies ListPolicies sdc-policy list
getpolicy GetPolicy sdc-policy get
createpolicy CreatePolicy sdc-policy create
updatepolicy UpdatePolicy sdc-policy update
deletepolicy DeletePolicy sdc-policy delete

User SSH key actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listuserkeys ListUserKeys sdc-user keys
getuserkey GetUserKey sdc-user key
createuserkey CreateUserKey sdc-user upload-key
deleteuserkey DeleteUserKey sdc-user delete-key

Data center actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listdatacenters ListDataCenters sdc-listdatacenters
getdatacenter GetDatacenter none

Image actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listimages ListImages sdc-listimages
getimage GetImage sdc-getimage
deleteimage DeleteImage sdc-deleteimage
exportimage ExportImage sdc-exportimage
createimagefrommachine CreateImageFromMachine sdc-createimagefrommachine
updateimage UpdateImage sdc-updateimage

Package actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listpackages ListPackages sdc-listpackages
getpackage GetPackage sdc-getpackage

Machine actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listmachines ListMachines sdc-listmachines
getmachine GetMachine sdc-getmachine
createmachine CreateMachine sdc-createmachine
stopmachine StopMachine sdc-stopmachine
startmachine StartMachine sdc-startmachine
rebootmachine RebootMachine sdc-rebootmachine
resizemachine ResizeMachine sdc-resizemachine
renamemachine RenameMachine sdc-renamemachine
enablemachinefirewall EnableMachineFirewall sdc-enablemachinefirewall
disablemachinefirewall DisableMachineFirewall sdc-disablemachinefirewall
createmachinesnapshot Createmachinesnapshot sdc-createmachinesnapshot
startmachinefromsnapshot StartMachineFromSnapshot sdc-startmachinefromsnapshot
listmachinesnapshots ListMachineSnapshots sdc-listmachinesnapshots
getmachinesnapshot GetMachineSnapshot sdc-getmachinesnapshot
deletemachinesnapshot DeleteMachineSnapshot sdc-deletemachinesnapshot
updatemachinemetadata UpdateMachineMetadata sdc-updatemachinemetadata
getmachinemetadata GetMachineMetadata sdc-getmachinemetadata
deletemachinemetadata DeleteMachineMetadata sdc-deletemachinemetadata
deleteallmachinemetadata DeleteAllMachineMetadata sdc-deletemachinemetadata
addmachinetags AddMachineTags sdc-addmachinetags
replacemachinetags ReplaceMachineTags sdc-replacemachinetags
listmachinetags ListMachineTags sdc-listmachinetags
getmachinetag GetMachineTag sdc-getmachinetag
deletemachinetag DeleteMachineTag sdc-deletemachinetag
deletemachinetags DeleteMachineTags sdc-deletemachinetag
deletemachine DeleteMachine sdc-deletemachine
machineaudit MachineAudit sdc-getmachineaudit

Firewall Rule actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listfirewallrules ListFirewallRules sdc-listfirewallrules
getfirewallrule GetFirewallRule sdc-getfirewallrule
createfirewallrule CreateFirewallRule sdc-createfirewallrule
updatefirewallrule UpdateFirewallRule sdc-updatefirewallrule
enablefirewallrule EnableFirewallRule sdc-enablefirewallrule
disablefirewallrule DisableFirewallRule sdc-disablefirewallrule
deletefirewallrule DeleteFirewallRule sdc-deletefirewallrule
listmachinefirewallrules ListmachineFirewallRules sdc-listmachinefirewallrules
listfirewallrulemachines ListFirewallRuleMachines sdc-listfirewallrulemachines

Network actions

Action CloudAPI Endpoint Command Line Interface
listnetworks ListNetworks sdc-listnetworks
getnetwork GetNetwork sdc-getnetwork


You can add conditions to specify when a rule is valid. For example, you may want to limit contractor access to requests from a specific IP address.

The following operators are valid in condition expressions. Operators must be delimited with spaces.

Operator Description
= equal
!= not equal
< less than
> greater than
<= less than or equal
>= greater than or equal
AND and boolean values, list separator
OR or boolean values
NOT boolean negation
IN array membership
(, ) grouping

Lists can be given in various forms:

You can use fuzzy matches and regular expressions.

ops_* matches a string beginning with ops_. Use \ to escape asterisks: Star\*Command.

Follow JavaScript regular expressions with ::regex. If you want to keep people from using curl, you might do something like this:

CAN getobject IF user-agent != /^curl/::regex

(Note that it's very simple to change the user agent in curl.)

General conditions

Name Description Example
activeRoles List of active roles. CAN listnetworks AND getnetwork WHEN activeRoles = *ops
date Date of the request. CAN getobject IF date > "25 Dec 2014"
day Day of the week the request is made. Valid values:
monday mon m
tuesday tue t
wednesday wed w
thursday thu th
friday fri f
saturday sat s
sunday sun su
CAN createuser IF day IN (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
sourceip Source ip address of the request. CAN listpolicies IF sourceip =
time Time of day the request was made. CAN createrole IF time > 13:00 AND time < 21:00
user-agent User agent of the request. CAN getobject IF user-agent != /^curl/::regex

Time and date can be given in any format that JavaScript Date.parse() can parse. All times and dates are UTC.

IP addresses are IPv4 or IPv6. CIDR ranges are valid.

CloudAPI conditions

These conditions apply only to CloudAPI operations.

Name Description Example
ips List of machine IPs when if action is machine related. CAN deletemachine WHEN ips IN (10.17.12/24)
tag_tagName::string The value of a machine tag. CAN rebootmachine IF tag_rebootable::string != never

Manta conditions

These conditions apply only to Manta requests.

Name Description Example
fromjob True if the request was made from within a Manta job. CAN putobject IF fromjob = true
overwrite True if a request is overwriting an existing object or metadata. CAN putobject IF overwrite = false