Installing software using pkgsrc

Modified: 08 Mar 2023 00:28 UTC

There are two ways to install additional software on your SmartOS instance:

Installing software from a package

For managing package releases, we strongly recommend you use pkgin. Pkgin is an apt/yum like tool that serves as an interface to pkgsrc. The below table lists the common pkgin commands.

Note: You must run commands that install or update software as the root user.

Command Description
pkgin up Updates the pkgin database. You should run this command before installing any new packages.
pkgin ls Lists all the installed packages.
pkgin av Lists all of the available packages.
pkgin in Installs a package
pkgin rm Removes a package
pkgin se Searches for a package
pkgin With no additional arguments, lists all of the available commands.

This example shows you how to install tidy

# sudo pkgin in tidy
Compiling software from source

If your preferred software is not available as a prebuilt package, you can compile it from source. Typically, software you compile from source code is compressed in a tarball that you need to de-compress and store somewhere on your local system. Generally, software like this includes a readme file that you can read for instructions on compiling the software. Instructions on the compilation of third party software is outside of the scope of this document; if you have a request for software that is not currently available in pkgsrc, please contact MNX support.