Using MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS)

Modified: 28 Apr 2022 01:26 UTC

Included in [MonogoDB Instance](MongoDB Instance.html) 1.4.5 and later, is the MongoDB Monitoring Service, a tool to help better understand the statistics and performance of your MongoDB instances and clusters.

Sign up for MongoDB Monitoring Service

Sign up for a MongoDB Monitoring Service account at Once you've signed up, visit the Administration > Group Settings page to get your API KEY.

Configuring the MongoDB Monitoring Service

MongoDB Monitoring Service is pre-installed and ready to run when you provision your MongoDB SmartMachine.

To configure MMS, edit /opt/local/share/mms-agent/ and set the mms_key value to the API KEY from your MMS account settings page.

A video is also available from 10gen on configuring MMS:

Starting the MongoDB Monitoring Service

Once you have configured your settings you can start the service with the following command. You must be logged in as root (or be using sudo).

# svcadm enable pkgsrc/mms-agent

Verify it is running with:

# svcs pkgsrc/mms-agent

After this is done you can configure your hosts in the [portal](

If you experience any issues you can check the MMS agent log file at /var/log/mongodb/mms-agent.log.