JPC EOL Partners

Modified: 08 Sep 2022 04:28 UTC

Joyent is working with a variety of partners to assist customers through the transition. The list below reflects some of our primary partners assisting our customers with the transition, but additional partners are being finalized. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact

Spearhead Systems

Spearhead Systems has been working with Joyent and associated technologies since 2011, first as a reseller of the Joyent Public Cloud and secondly as a systems integrator of the open source Triton stack. Starting in 2017, Spearhead launched a public cloud based 100% on open source Triton for the EMEA region with one of the largest e-commerce operators as a customer.

Spearhead's first availability zone is located in Bucharest, Romania in a TIER 3 datacenter owned and operated by Telekom.

Spearhead's experience lies in operating large and small infrastructures utilising Joyent Triton, SmartOS/lx-brand for individual virtualization/containerization hosts, and MANTA for object storage.

Spearhead provides complete support services for managing and operating your cloud infrastructure within the Spearhead cloud with optional 24x7 availability for mission critical workloads. Spearhead can also assist Joyent customers with migration services to Spearhead cloud.

Spearhead can be reached at for commercial questions about cloud services and for technical inquires.

If you want to talk with Spearhead, you can also reach them by land-line(+4021.322.5757) during normal business hours (9:00 – 18:00 GMT+3).


Joyent is working with OVH for full Triton Software certification on their bare metal hosting offering. OVH may be reached at


Microsoft Azure has partnered with Joyent to provide partner enabled professional services to assist with users wishing to migrate their workloads to Azure, as well as possible Azure onboarding credits. Please contact to learn more about options that may be available to you.

Redapt Attunix

Redapt Attunix, working with Joyent support, is available to work with your team on the migration. Users seeking to optimize their environment for Microsoft Azure can utilize Redapt Attunix to both lift and shift to alternative clouds as well as design and optimize with cloud native services available in your new environment.

Triton SW Hosting Partners

Our initial list of certified environments for our Managed Hardware Triton offering initiates with Softlayer, OVH, and Packet, with more coming soon. Please contact to discuss certified bare metal options and current certified hardware lists for each. is a US based managed service and public cloud provider. provides on-demand infrastructure for your SmartOS and Linux-based workloads. can provide assistance and hosting credit during the transition to make this as seamless as possible. Reach out Joyent sales or directly to at 888-877-7118 to talk about transition options.


Packet is the go-to bare metal cloud for today’s leading developers, empowering SaaS and Fortune 100 companies alike to make infrastructure their competitive advantage. With 20+ global datacenters, the ability to manage custom hardware, and a 1st-class experience for SmartOS and Triton, Packet’s partnership with Joyent is ideal for both traditional and cloud-native workloads. Get started at or contact to learn more about Triton on Packet.